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Feargus, my dearest Irish friend

I miss you so much. I’ve been looking for you all these years and sending mails but G. told me that you could hardly read now. I keep faith, however. I don’t know if you stayed in England , returned to Ireland or moved to the country of your loved one. One day, in Dublin , I hope I’ll bump into you. Tears will then fall down my eyes. We’ll go for a pint in an old and dark pub, down in Rathmines or along the Liffey.

Will you see the tears of joy rolling down my cheeks or will the disease have won and made you a blind man?

I never realized how much I cared for you until I lost your trace. I am sad not to have told you that I love you. You moved me like very few people do.

I miss your soft and calm voice, your accent as clear as crystal, your hand on my arm when we walked together, that evening. I miss the diluted blue of your eyes and the way you looked at things. I remember that wonderful evening when we shared an Indian meal in my apartment. You were sitting on the floor and you started talking about Irish history. You told the british colonization, the brutal oppression of your justice and language, the fight for independence, and all of us were quiet and listening to you. You were speaking slowly to make sure my brother and sister would understand everything, and they did. They were “drinking your words”. I loved the pride that you had about your country and people. I miss your free spirit, your wisdom and your delightful humour.

That evening, you told us why your local pub was called “The Hole in the wall”.  Since then, I’ve been waiting for the day when you’ll take me there. We’ll talk for hours while sipping the black stuff. Like in the old days, Feargus.



  • Déjà que je comprends rien quand c'est écrit en Français...

  • Tu fais exprès d'être désagréable ?

  • Oui ! Etre désagréable naturellement avec toi, ça n'est pas possible !

    (j'ai bon, là ?)

  • Fayot !

  • "Feargus" : mmmm... deliciously Irish-like...
    How come he's disappeared today...?

  • Et... "Sunday Bloody Sunday" en fond musical ??

  • Who was he and who was he to you ? Why this story is coming up to day ?
    Definitely Ireland is a major step in your life. What I guess !
    I did not read your blog yet. Once, I'll will.
    Don't forget to live for yourself. Urgently.


  • Lancelot,
    Well, the last time we spoke, he was living in London and soon to marry an american girl. Then, when I called back about 1 year later, he had moved. I sent mails but Feargus is suffering from a genetic disease leading, soon or later, to blindness. However, I am confident that we'll meet again one day.
    Tu as raison, comment peut-on faire un billet sur un irlandais sans l'accompagner de musique ???
    Cependant, U2 n'est pas le groupe qui représente le mieux Feargus. En fait, j'aurais voulu mettre Paddy Casey en fond sonore, car c'est un CD qu'il m'avait offert.
    Si vous ne connaissez pas, en voici un aperçu :
    J'aurais pu aussi vous proposer une des chansons du CD qu'il m'a fait découvrir, il s'agit de "The long Black Veil", un bijou où l'on retrouve Sting, Marianne Faithfull, Van Morrison !
    Mais finalement, ce sera lui, Van Morrison, que j'avais vu en première partie de Ray Charles. Quand j'écoute ça, les larmes me montent aux yeux.
    Salut toi :)
    Who was Feargus ?
    He first was a colleague working with a buch of frenchies that he seemed to really enjoy : Gines, Béatrice, Juliette, Sidonie and myself. I introduced him to my "then husband" who really appreciated him and to my brother and sister. We used to have meals at my place and drinks in town.
    They all were fond of his culture, poetic soul and also his sense of rebellion.
    Maybe this story is coming up today because of the recent death of Yema. Lots of people from the past are reappearing in my life these days, friends from my childhood in France & Germany, friends from Ireland, like Sidonie. Sometimes you think you have plenty of time to say things to the people you love, and you don't. I never told Feargus how much I loved him and how he made me love his country.
    With Blaithin, he is one of the irish persons that I loved the most. I was telling here last year about my "rendez-vous" with my beloved Blaithin.
    I want to know that Feargus is happy.

  • Pfff...
    nie rozumiem !

  • so moving...but life is perfect...links with people we love never disappear...so keep in touch in your heart, and life will reply...for sure...

  • Pareil que Nicolas.

  • Trop facile !

  • Pareil que Nicolas, mais moi, je me venge:

    你好再 元夆妗妙爯夈孴敶盛衡疎龞疋冊耍鼒鶎置 et,
    Godmiché The Queen!

  • Pour Nicolas, Didier et Tonnegrande pour le cas s'ils n'apprendent pas les leçons anglaises : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUEkOVdUjHc&feature=PlayList&p=C5A6280B7E770A43&index=4

    Fiso, just think about him hardly and you'll see, he will appear soon. Believe me, it work for me.

  • Igor,
    Déjà, commence à parler français, tu ferais mieux!

  • Fiso,
    Sur ton blog, tu devrais installer un truc qui élimine les ivrognes.

  • Nicolas,
    Pourquoi ?
    T'as pas le courage de te suicider ?

  • Coucou Tonnegrande,
    défense assez faible, on n'a pas parlé de l'amélioration ou perfection mais de la notion... T'as risque si tu écoutes le radio avec tes enfants :)

  • Nom de Dieu,
    Quand Igor me cause, je comprend la moitié de son propos et pour l'autre moitié sois je déduis, soit j'imagine, soit je suppose, soit j'hypothèse.
    Je suis con ou quoi ?
    Nicolas, ne répond pas, merci.

  • Oui tu es con.
    Merde, j'avais pas lu la fin.

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